WSQG Tee Shirt Order Form

Orders will be accepted until March 1, 2020.

Our logo will be embroidered on the vee-necked 100% cotton tee shirt. A choice of two sleeve lengths are offered. Examples of colors and styles are shown below. Tee shirts will be ordered in quantity and mailed individually to members before the end of April 2020. The price includes postage.

If you prefer to order by postal mail, click here to print the form (after you open the page, right click on that page and select print, or choose print from the menu above) and mail to Kim Hicks, 479 E. 8th St. , Powell, WY 82435. Make your check payable to WSQG. The form will also be available in the February-March 2020 Patchwords.

You may contact Kim directly by phone at (406) 850-8802; email:

If there is additional interest, we will offer tee shirts again in new colors in the fall.

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