Mystery Quilt 2023-2024

Clue #1

Clue #1 – Cut only four 4-1/2″ squares of Fabric #3, not eight as listed.

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #3 – Paragraph #4 should read: Repeat process combining #1 + 3’s and #3+4’s, making 36 4-patch units with 3’s on diagonal, with 1 and 4 touching on diagonal.
NOT … with 1 and 3 touching on diagonal as originally listed.

Clue #4

Clue #4 – Row 3 should read: Sew five Block #C blocks together. The book states Sew five number 3 Blocks together.

(Note: The 16-block square center for Block #C should measure 8″ before adding the side triangles. You may wish to test one block without trimming and check to see if final squaring to 11″ leaves 1/4″ for points at center of each side. If it allows those points to have 1/4″, (and those points will not be cut off when squaring to 11″), then your seam allowance is good and you don’t need to trim the center to 8″.

If you have added the triangles and you look at the ruler where you would trim to 11″ and you can tell that you will not have a seam allowance on the sides of the block where the corners of that 16-block meet the edge, then take out those triangles and trim the center to 8″ before adding the triangles again.

Quilt Layouts
Note: For assembling, it is up to you which orientation of Block #C you wish, with the line of Fabric #2 aligned horizontally or vertically, or a mixture of both. See examples above under Quilt Layouts. You may wish to turn Block #C your own way!

If any of these instructions are confusing, do not hesitate to contact us at and you will be assisted.