Officers & History

Pictured: (Left to Right Top) Deb Kipp, Kandi Davis, Josy Daniel, Nena James, Jennifer Golden, Virginia Ohr, Belle Temple, April Pendleton, Julie Haptonstall, Kim Hicks, Barbara Bunn Vaughn. (Front) Linda Herget, Tauna Leathers
Not Pictured: Stephanie Logan, Ginny Singer, Margaret Immenschuh, Cathe Tuttle, Mary Lee Dixon, Terry Dunn, Elaine Donnelly

2021-2022 Board Members
President:  Jennifer P. Golden
President-Elect:  Belle Temple
Past President: April Pendleton
Treasurer:  Kandi Davis
Secretary: Stephanie Logan

Director-at-Large:  Kim Hicks

Regional Directors:
Northwest:   Barbara Bunn Vaughn & Ginny Singer
Northeast:  Josy Daniel & Deb Kipp
Central:  Julie Haptonstall
Southeast: Linda Herget
Southwest:  Nena James

Membership Director:  
Tauna Leathers
Patchwords Editor:  Virginia Ohr

Web Master:  Virginia Ohr
Historian:  Kathe Tuttle and Margaret Immenschuh
Archives Director:  Mary Lee Dixon
Books for County Libraries: Terry Dunn
Properties: Elaine Donnelly


The Original WSQG Quilt made by founding members

First meeting WSQG

FOUNDING MEMBERS – Row 1:  Ceil Miner; Bonny Stonemark, Carolyn Normington; Gail Cummings
Row 2: Penny Cruickshank; Wilda Vance (deceased); Daenette More, Eva Knight; Florence Brown
Row 3: Twila Christensen; Jan Debolt; Donna Schneider; Marianna Edgar (deceased July 2017); Gloria Greenlee;
Marilyn Ford (Deceased)

Founding Members not  pictured: Jeanne Allen, Sherry Fink (deceased November 2021),  Cynthia Girewahn, Betty Hoff, Lois Paules, Patty Swanson and Nancy Vase  (deceased May 2020)

CHARTER MEMBERS – On September 13, 1997 the first meeting was held in Casper at the Hilton Hotel.  Eva Knight was the first president and is holding the logo in the back row.

Daenette More, Present Elect, Membership Chairperson, sent out the announcement for the first Quilt Wyoming convention.

Past Presidents:

2020-2021 April Pendleton
2019-2020 Deb Zelenak
2018-2019 Jennifer Golden
2017-2018 Linda Herget
2016-2017 Frances Tormey
2015-2016 April Pendleton
2014-2015 Mary Lee Dixon
2013-2014 Donna Weeden
2012-2013 Tracy Wilson
2011-2012 April Pendleton
2011 Daenette More
2010 Beverly White
2009 Joan Anderson
2007-2008 Jeannie Piner
2006-2007 Alice Kay Arnett
2005-2006 – Lynda Houfek
2004-2005 – Audrey Jarvis
2003-2004 – Vikki Chenette
2002-2003 – Sherry Fink
2001-2002 – Peg Buell
2000-2001 – Nancy Vase
1999-2000 – Daenette More
1998-1999 – Eva Knight
1997-1998 – Eva Knight

WSQG Scholarship Winners
(Drawn at the annual meeting.  Recipient is awarded a certificate for $200
to be used for Quilt Wyoming the following year.)

2020-2021 – Elaine Donnelly (Douglas, WY), Sue White (Douglas ,WY)
Sandra Hunter (Gillette, WY), Lynn Grassel (Gillette, WY)

2019 – Tauna Leathers  (Laramie, WY)
2018 – Sandy Ryan (Cheyenne, WY) & Sonia Cottrell (Douglas, WY)
2017 – Donna Fisher (Cheyenne, WY)
2016 – Jeanne Kramer (Sandy, UT)
2015 – Cathe Tuttle (Gillette, WY)

2014 – Mona Weeks (Cheyenne, WY)
2013 – Leta Kernen, (Craig, CO)
2012 – Not awarded
2011 – Not awarded
2010 – Carole-Ann Hopkins (Riverton, WY)

Quilt Wyoming Friendship Blocks

Quilt Wyomings 

2022 Sheridan – WSQG Jubilee
“John Flynn, Lea McComas”

2021 Powell (2020 Combined)
Quilting is my Jam
“Susan Cleveland, Deborah Tirico, Linda J. Hahn & Jane Sassaman”

2020 Rock Springs – Flower Power
“Susan Cleveland & Karen Eckmeier”

2019 Cheyenne – If the Shoe Fits…
“Kimberly Einmo & Kris Vierra”

2018 Riverton – Roaming Wyoming
“Grace Errea, Rayna Gillman & Catherine Redford”

2017 Gillette – A UFO Sighting
“J. Michelle Watts & Susan Brubaker Knapp”

2016 Powell – Camp Quilt-a-Lot
“Grace Errea, Susan Cleveland & David Taylor”

2015 Rock Springs – East Meets West
“Laura Heine & Annette Kennedy”

2014 Cheyenne – Quilting Gone Crazy
“Wendy Butler Burns & Judith Baker Montano”

2013 Casper – Magic of Quilting
“Margaret Miller & Colleen Wise”

2012 Sheridan – Bon Voyage! Quilter’s Cruise
“David Taylor & Pat Speth”

2011 Powell – Keep it Sew Simple
“Vikki Pignatelli & Sharon Schamber”

2010 Rock Springs – Quilting is Dyno-Mite
“Larkin Jean Van Horn & Mary Lou Weidman”

2009 Cheyenne – Quilting at the Crossroads
“Jan Krentz & Rachael Clark”

2008 Casper – Quilting Along the Trails
“Barb Olsen, Carole Liebzeit & Vi Colombe”

2007 Sheridan – Big Horn Mountain Jubilee
“Ami Simms & John Flynn”

2006 Powell – Quilting is Food for the Soul
“Ellen Ann Eddy & Debbie Caffrey”

2005 Rock Springs – A Quilter’s Rendezvous
“Jeanna Kimball & Marsha McCloskey”

2004 Laramie – Quilt Tracks to Laramie
“Jackie Robinson & Jenny Raymond”

2003 Douglas – Sewing Seeds of Friendship
“Klaudeen Hansen & Louisa Smith”

2002 Gillette – Quilting is my Cup of Tea
“Sharon Rexroad”

2001 Powell – A Quilt Odyssey
“Mary Sue Suit”

2000 Rock Springs – Y2 Quilt
“Joyce Stewart & Ann Seely”

1999 Cheyenne – Quilting and Friendship to Boot!
“Linda Jenkins”

1998 Casper – Put your Heart in Wyoming
“Brenda Groelz”